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kyung: *listening 2 the bts trailer*
zico: o ok
zico: no thats fine
zico: no i mean if u love bts so much why dont u go rap with em b a bulletproof boyscout that would b cool i mean if u want a fedora enthusiast 2 lead u thats aight thats fine im just sayin namjoon doin this fashion thing bein ugly havin thick lips liking anime he thinks he me he thinks he Zico Lite® but nah its fine u want ur Diet Zico i understand ur watching ya figure
zico: its fine 


suddenly a wild, semi-naked jjong appears…


(MEIPAI) 140820 Tao: playing really happily

4 year olds.


I. love. the. Anaconda. video. but the writeups I’ve been seeing keep referring to Drake as a co-star, which I think misses a big part of the point.

The reason this video rules is because Drake is an extra. Drake is a prop. Drake is a bro in the comfy-casual clothes that he rolled up to the set in, who has no lines or purpose other than the be ground upon, and whose face is obscured by shadows most of the time.

This is not a continuation of the Drake/Nicki/Rih media narrative. This is a dank-as-fuck feminist power play. This is, “Drake is whatever to me.” And this is a man who, if he isn’t at the top of his game, is close to it. A huge celebrity. And here is Nicki looking fucking amazing, tormenting him into a boner, then swatting his hand away and walking out of frame.

Your anaconda don’t want none unless she got buns, hun? Maybe she doesn’t want your anaconda. Maybe she’ll do whatever the fuck she wants with her buns, and it doesn’t matter what you think or feel.




Bats illuminated by lightning

Oh my god fishheadned look



I found a horribly fun way to disappoint my kids in the morning


have you ever just taken such a liking to a certain band member that everything they do makes you happy and everything they say makes you want to hug them and they’re just so perfect in your eyes and you want to get rid of anything that’s ever made them sad and make sure they’re never sad again or is that like just me


DAVE: i just have a lot of tall friends i swear


tfw u hide the lineart layer


When people say “Knock On Wood” by Lance210

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